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Holiday Season.

Tea Lovers Gift Box

Tea Lovers Gift Box

This gift box comes with 3 extracts -
1 Cardamom extract, 1 Tea Masala extract and 1 Ginger extract.

Give your regular cup of tea a Spicy Makeover.
Anytime , Anywhere.

Coffee with Cardamom

I recently read that adding Cardamom to coffee can reduce the effects of caffeine.
Hmm.. I think that's why they use Cardamom in Turkish Coffee - to tone down the intensity of the brew.

Charcoal Drawing

I love Charcoal drawings and I think they are great for portraits.
I did this drawing long time back and is one of my favorites. I was very happy with the way his hair came out. Just a small, good quality eraser with a slant cut and you have amazing hair :)