Customize your Tea

For a Tea lover like me, there is nothing in this world like a hot cup of delicious masala chai. Just one cup of this amazing chai is enough to perk up your spirits.
Masala chai has typically 6 spices added to it -
Cardamom, Clove, Ginger, Nutmeg, Cinnamon and peppercorn. Every spice contributes its own distinctive flavor, fragrance and medicinal properties.Masala chai is amazingly fragrant with all these spices added to it.

Unfortunately we all are too busy to grind fresh spices to make masala chai.
Supreme Spice Tea Masala extract makes it easy to give your regular chai a spicy makeover - anywhere and anytime.
Just make chai the way you like (some like it strong , some like it light ) and then just add 1-2 drops of
Supreme Spice Tea Masala extract directly to your cup of tea and enjoy.

Take the extract with you to work and you can sip a aromatic cup of authentic masala chai right in your office.

Don't feel like having masala chai ? Try
Supreme Spice Cardamom extract for a yummy Cardamom tea or add a drop of Supreme Spice Ginger extract and enjoy a very warming cup of Ginger tea.

Don't drink plain tea when you can customize it according to your mood.
Anytime, anywhere.