What are Spice Extracts ?

Spice extracts, also called Oleoresins, provide the flavor of the source spice in a more consistent and easy-to-handle form. Spice extracts contain the essential oil of the spice and also its resinous part. Essential oil give the spice its aroma and the resinous part gives it the flavor.

Spice extracts are used extensively by the food manufacturing companies. For example, the salsa that you enjoy with your chips has spice oleoresins added to it.
Did you really think they were staying up whole night to chop up all that garlic needed to make thousands of pounds of salsa?? :)

Spice extracts are concentrated , free of any contamination and last for a long time. They eliminate the need to peel, chop or grate the spices and lets you easily customize the amount of spice in a dish.