Kids and Health

I recently read a very informative article on Wall Street Journal about Cold and Cough medicines for children. When my daughter was a toddler, she used to get a runny nose every time the weather changed. Like any other new mom, I used to run to the store , read the labels thoroughly and buy the one cold medicine that I thought was best suited for my daughters cold symptoms. Some times the medicine worked and sometimes it didn't. But the most difficult part was to make her swallow that medicine.
It was the same thing with my son. But with more kicking and screaming. One might think that the different flavors for the cold-cough medicines should make it easier. Nope. Not one bit.

I then started thinking about other ways to cure my kids cold where I won't have to make them drink any medicine. That is when I found Garlic oil. Now a days whenever my kids come home with a runny nose, I fry about 9 -10 cloves of garlic in oil (I use vegetable oil) till the garlic cloves turn black. Once cool, I apply this garlic oil on my kids back and chest. It works like a miracle.
I also add a couple of drops of garlic extract in their meal (soup, curry, etc) . This Garlic remedy works like a magic. And it has no side effects. Plus, as a bonus, kids immune system improves which leads to less bouts of cold and cough. A rare win-win situation :)