This last Saturday, I woke up with a scratchy throat and knew that I was about to get cold & cough. I was feeling a bit feverish too.
And I took this opportunity to run my experiment with spice extracts :)

I started my experiment with a hot cup of tea with 2 drops of Tea Masala extract.
Then, after about 2 hrs, I had a cup of hot water to which I added 2 drops of Tulsi extract.
Again had a cup of hot tea with 2 drops of Tea Masala extract.

By afternoon, my body ache and tiredness had reduced.

I had another cup of hot Tulsi water in the evening and ended my day with a Masala chai.
So, in all, I had 3 cups of Masala chai and 3 cups of Tulsi water that day.

Sunday morning - I was feeling great, did not feel tired or feverish.
But just to make sure, I had 2 cups of hot Tulsi water on Sunday. One in the morning and one in the evening.

My experiment was a success. The Tulsi and the 6 spices in the Tea Masala extract worked pretty well.